This is INSANE…I mean yeah he’s tall and whatnot, but clearing the other guy? Damn.


I hate it.


Good lord I love it when it’s tight. And by tight I mean bike shorts.


So recently I’ve been plagued by injuries. I know I posted about my ankle, but almost the same day that particular pain subsided I strained my groin. So it just seems like I will never be in running shape again. This blows. That is all.


So this semester I’m taking a Bird Skinning class - It’s technically called “Museum Curation” but it’s totally taxidermy.

Anyway, so far I’ve skinned a robin (Turdus migratorius) and a raven (Corvus corax), and I have to say that the difference between just the two of those was extraordinary. On top of the size difference, just certain small differences in bone/body structure was really surprising.

I won’t say that skinning a bird is “fun” but it is very relaxing and cathartic, strangely enough. I’m not sadistic or cruel I’d like to think. The birds are already dead…oh well. Can’t wait to see what I get to skin next time.


The Best Actor category was tough this year: Jeff Bridges, Jesse Eisenberg, James Franco, Javier Bardem, and (the winner) Colin Firth. I’m happy that Colin won, although I believe I would’ve been satisfied with any of those choices. Congratulations to Mr. Firth.

In addition, The King’s Speech wins Best Picture! Surprising, seeing as both Black Swan and The Social Network were also nominated. Now I need to see it. Bugger. Maybe it’ll become one of my biking movies.


Natalie Portman wins BEST ACTRESS for Black Swan! I totally agree with this choice, Acadaemy. Not only was Black Swan an epic and unforgettable film, but Natalie made this movie what it is. She was perfect. Congrats, Natalie.


First of all, Hailee Steinfeld should have won Best Supporting Actress. She was unequivocally magnificent in True Grit. I’ve never even heard of Melissa Leo… I’m happy Christian Bale won Best Supporting actor for The Fighter - he was pretty good.

Also pissed that Toy Story 3 (a series that should have had only one film in total) won over How to Train Your Dragon. That movie was AMAZING. I loved it.

Anne Hathaway, to quote a friend of mine, should Get-the-Hell-Away from the microphone. 

Also surprised that The Social Network won best original score…but it was good, i’ll admit. 

Alice in Wonderland wins Best Costumes! Good call, Academy.


Dream Bike

$14,600 bicycle. B-e-a-yootiful. I would sell my soul, and a few organs for this beast. Also, the frame weighs less than 1 kg. I’m drooling


Opinions on favorite sunglass styles to follow.

So sport/athletic sunglasses fit me better, and as a biker are clearly more useful. However in social situations then shades can make me look like - for lack of a better word - a total tool. Most of them are polarized, which makes for better viewing and eye protection in general. In addition, they tend to protect and offer peripheral vision options as well.

My favorites in this category are the two I own: The Oakley Jawbone and a pair of winter camouflage Peppers.

In casual/social situations (as mentioned above) sport sunglasses aren’t exactly the most preferred, despite their universal usefulness. I like the Aviator style shades, although they have to be authentic Aviator style (see any air force picture) rather than the crap they sell at gas stations. Also the similarly shaped frames with “shield” lenses are nice.

Color wise with respect to the frame, it doesn’t especially matter, but black, white and blue are my favorite. Concerning lenses, either black or a color similar to amber. Can’t say why, just know I like ‘em.