OW. ok so there goes my good ankle. Good thing I didn’t want to do anything fun or athletic for the next couple of days at the very least.


Temps above 40 in the DSM…bike ride today? Chances are looking good, and definitely sometime this week if not today. Predicted 60s on Thursday!


So this is pretty much my whole weekend. Peace.


Rurouni Kenshin

Finally rediscovered one of my favorite shows of ALL TIME. BOOM!


"Pain is just weakness leaving the body"

- Andrew “Big Red” Preuss

Occasionally this is how I feel when I’m biking…other times it’s even more so and I get some Red Shift happening. 


So this is totally how I feel whenever I bike. It may make me a bit arrogant, but I’ve yet to meet the person on their fancy multi-thousand dollar bike that can pass me on my cheap steel frame. Thus, Suck It.


Don’t have the equipment, and I can’t swim very well…but I’ve always wanted to do one.


Wish I could do this


We may not be getting all the ridiculous snow, but the wind is sideways and the chill is very real. Going to class is kind of evil.

Also, I have practice for Ultimate in this weather. So unnecessary. I’m going to freeze.